5 Best Features Of GBWhatsapp App You’ll Love

Well, we all know Whatsapp is one of the most widely used apps in the world. Without a doubt, it is a real deal and everyone love to use this application frequently so that they can manage to keep themselves updated with their loved ones.

But there are also some restrictions in Whatsapp as well and that can be worrying for any user. So, the minimize these restriction, there is a one simple alternative we are about to disclose here. Yes, GBWhatsapp is the alternative of Whatsapp because you can have plenty of freedom and room in this mod of Whatsapp and that is where you are getting some serious results.

features of gbwhatsapp

Here are some of the finest features of GBWhatsapp.

Easy To Install:

Indeed, GBWhatsapp is not a massive app and all it requires few Mb space to install t. You can install this app easily from APK file and that’s it. So, there is no point for you to worry about the installation process of this wonderful app.

GBWhatsapp For iPhone:

Well, you have a great luxury of using this application on the iPhone as well. All you need is to download the GBWhatsapp iPhone version and use it on your iOS device. Simple as that.


You can change multiple themes in this app as well. There is a simple option in this app which allows you to change the themes, color combinations, layout, font and other aspects with just few clicks. So, pretty easy and effective stuff.

Free OF Cost:

This is actually a fascinating point as you don’t have to pay a single buck in getting the GBWhatsapp latest version. All you have is to download the apk file and enjoy coolest features,


Privacy matters a lot and it is the most worrying part of the digital world. You also want to be secure and free from any privacy issues. This app certainly provides you the ease of not worrying about the privacy concerns as it is pretty secure and updated app. So, a great plus point for sure.

Final verdict:

GBWhatsapp is a cool app and if you are bored of whatsapp limitations, then surely this is the way to go for you. Indeed, it has thousands of happy users and certainly the number is increasing.