Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found【100% Fixed】

Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found, is a widespread error which users mostly see when accessing some sites like YouTube, Facebook or any other sites.

If you are seeing this error on your Google Chrome and want to fix it.

Then you are ar right place. Because here in this tutorial I will teach you; how can you resolve DNS Address Could Not Be Found in minutes on your PC and Android.

Before we start I will cover all the necessary terms which are related to it;

What is Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found?

It means that the site address which you entered is not recognized by the DNS configuration of your computer.

You may know all the sites are mapped with IP address. When you type a website address like, then your computer sends the request to DNS which converts the website name into IP address and then that location is accessed.

But in your case, your computer was unable to send this request to your request site due to some problems with your computer’s DNS settings or with the settings of your requested site.

I hope now you have understood why this error occurs let’s move furthermore to learn how to fix this site can’t be reached.

Why Could Server DNS Address Not Be Found Error Occurs?

Well, the number one reason for this error is your device (Windows PC or Android), but there may be a few others too. So, I am also going to list any possible errors.

  • Possibly there is a problem with your device’s DNS configuration.
  • There is no network connection (you are offline).
  • The site you are accessing has just changed the DNS settings.

How to Fix Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found?

There are a lot of methods to fix this error, but below I will list the best ones which you can use to fix this error quickly on your Windows PC and your Android device.

#1. Make Sure Your DNS Client is Running

Sometimes there is a problem with your computer’s DNS client, so it is essential to check the DNS client at your end is working if not then you have to enable it.

Below I have listed the simple steps which you can follow to proceed;

  1. Firstly, click on the search icon and there type Control Panel and open the Control Panel from there.
  2. Once you open the Control Panel there, click on the Administrative Tools option.In Control Panel click on Administrative Tools
  3. A new File Manager Window will open with a lot of shortcuts there double-click the Services.Choose the Services
  4. Now Services window will be opened scroll down and find DNS Client and make sure it is running if not right click and then select Start.Make Sure Your DNS Client is Running

If the DNS client was not running and you start it, then Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found error will be fixed, and you can access the sites.

On the other hand, if this method didn’t work for you then look at the other way listed below.