Trap Adventure 2 APK Free Download and Review

Did you use to think that Super Mario was difficult? Well, that concept is now going be history since the Trap Adventure 2 has just broken all the difficulty levels. If you really think you are a hardcore Android gamer, well, here is a real challenge for you. To get this game, download the free Trap Adventure 2 APK right now from our website and take on this massive adventure.

trap adventure 2 apk

We are now going to review Trap Adventure 2 on our website. Trust me, if you want to play this game, do this on your risk. This is like a challenge you never faced and some would bet millions that you cannot beat it. And, I am not just boasting it. Trap Adventure is a thing like that. If you will ask me, I have already spent hours just to beat a single level in the game.

The game has already been removed from Google Play so if you want to play it, get the free Trap Adventure 2 APK right now from our website. Install it on your phone right now and see what you can do because we don’t know anyone who has beaten this game yet. Let us do a detailed review now.

Trap Adventure 2 Review and Features:

Trap Adventure 2 just released a few days ago and its trend is already reaching the skies. Some of the top YouTube Stars who have played this game have ranked this as the hardest platform game ever made for the Android operating system. And, they aren’t wrong at that at all. When I downloaded Trap Adventure 2 APK and started playing, I got to know the reason for it.

In this game, there is a 2d environment just like the Super Mario where you have to run pass through different obstacles to clear the stage. Well, some would think that there is no problem about that since there is nothing new. For those people, I would say that they are on the wrong side. The thing which makes this game too difficult is the unpredictable obstacles.

You will be moving forward in the game and you will never know when a wall will drop on your head or a tire buster is going to kill you by popping up from the earth. The bricks on which you can have to jump will leave their place at once when you jump on them. Hence, the level of unpredictability is so high that it may you months to complete this game. Many of you are just going to give up.

The controls in the game are very simply where there is a single tap button for jumping and two forward and backward directional buttons. However, the rest of the game is so difficult that you will shit your brain out and it will still be hard to beat. There are two game modes in this game. The first is normal mode in which you have a lot of lives. The second is one Last Chance Mode in which you have only one life to end the game and this is truly a synonym for impossible.

  • Trap Adventure 2 APK is absolutely free.
  • Easy controls.
  • Good 2d graphics and intense and thrilling music.
  • Very difficult to beat.
  • A challenge for the real and intensive Android gamers.

Trap Adventure 2 Gameplay:

Download Trap Adventure 2 APK Free:

So, what are you waiting for lads? Download the free Trap Adventure 2 APK here right now from our website and Best of Luck!