100% Solved “Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped”

Messenger users enjoy using it because this app provides the fantastic user experience to the Facebook users who love to chat with their friends. Since Facebook is the most significant Social media network around there, so a lot of people use this social site in different places, operating systems, and devices.

You may be aware of that Facebook was first launched back in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Since that time Facebook has progressed a lot, and now it has become the top social network in the world.

Before 2010 Android users of the Facebook used to message to their friends directly using the Facebook app as we do this on Desktop but after a few years of the launch of Messenger Facebook changed the policy and installing the Messenger app has become necessary for using it. Now it’s 2017 if you want to message any of your friends on Facebook from Android then having Messenger app is a must.

Begin the top messaging app Messenger has users from all over the world who use this on their different kind of Android device, and all of these Android devices have different version and specification.

So, Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped error mostly occurs in different versions of the Android. So, today I decided that I should share a guide in which I will share How can you get rid of this error on your Android device.

How to Fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped

OK, now that you have read a lot about this error and below I will be providing you the best three methods by which you can to resolve this mistake on your any version of Android device.

#1 Restart Your Smartphone

If you have an average phone with a limited RAM and CPU, then it is recommended to restart your phone at least once a month. This is because sometimes your phone needs to be refreshed. Fortunately, you don’t need to put your phone in the Refrigerator to revive it (haha! just kidding). To refresh your phone all you need to do is the press the Power button for two seconds and then tap on the Restart button, it will be rebooted within 2 minutes.

Doing so will resolve the error if not then follow the below method.

#2 Clear Cache of Messenger App

Do you know different apps create the different type of files for the smooth working on your Android device? These files are known as Cache files, the primary purpose of these files is the create a shortcut so that the processor of your phone doesn’t need to execute the same steps again for doing a specific task.

In short, these files are helpful in enhancing the performance of your smartphone. But sometimes these cache files cause problems for your phone. To tackle this situation, there is an option to clear the cache of your smartphone on your Android device.

To clear the cache of messenger app, launch the settings app, there go to the Apps and then scroll down until you find Messenger app, tap on the messenger app and then on the Clear Cache button. That’s it now the facebook messenger not working error will be resolved.

#3 Reinstall Messenger on your smartphone

Sometimes the apps on your Android device are damaged due to many reasons. Some files of the Messenger app may be corrupted on your Android device due to different reasons. Usually, the Messenger app is updated by Facebook once or twice in six months, and the damaged files are repaired in the new version. But if you have not updated the app for a while or you have not got any further update of Messenger, and you are seeing facebook messenger stopped working error then you must have to uninstall the Messenger app from your Android device and then reinstall it. In this way, if there are any corrupted files of Messenger app they will be fixed, and you will not see any stop working error anymore.


Final Words

So, guys, this was all about how to fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped working error on any Android device. If you find the solution to this error by following the above methods, then please comment below to let us know. And if you have not got the solution till now then let me know I will find a new way for you.