Z Shadow – HACK ANY Facebook Account (100% Working)

Facebook has become one of the most popular and the most-used social site in the world.

According to a guess, there are more than 2.1 Billion users who use Facebook and now you can imagine that the whole population of the world is just 8 or 9 Billion in this way about 25 percent people of the world are connected with Facebook and uses it daily.

Being the most popular social network of the time, many famous personalities use it for meeting with their fans and for other purposes. There is no doubt that all of us use Facebook too.

Since a lot of people use Facebook so other people want to hack it. Hacking Facebook account has been one of the favorite things of all those users who want to know what other people are doing. And in this era hacking, a Facebook account is equal to impossible because Facebook earns about 6 Dollars from it’s each user on a daily basis so the security of all the users is the first and foremost priority of the Facebook.

If you want to know how to hack Facebook or which method is best for hacking Facebook then you may be getting confused and may not get success in doing so. And you will surely end up saying that Hacking Facebook account is very hard and it needs a lot of time and struggles to learn programming and other stuff for hacking it.

Well, Hacking Facebook is easy even in 2017.

Let me make the things clear for you.

There are a lot of tools available on the internet which can be used for Hacking Facebook account and one of them is Z Shadow.

And in this article, I will describe everything about this amazing and the powerful tool.

One thing which you should note down is that we will describe Z Shadow website which is a web version and can be accessed from your computer through an internet browser and Z Shadow APK app which we are an Android app for using on Android devices so that you can use it on the GO.

And you guys know what I will cover everything in this guide and I am pretty much sure that you will end up hacking Facebook accounts using Z Shadow so guys stay tuned.

What is Z Shadow?

Z Shadow Hacker is a special site designed for Hacking social accounts of different social network users. This site is 100% free and easy to use. It was first launched on 23 January 2015 at the time about 359,000 Facebook accounts have been hacked using Z Shadow.

Using Z Shadow you cannot only hack Facebook instead, many other social networking sites can also be hacked which includes Google Plus, Twitter and a lot more.

How to Use Z Shadow

The easiest and the best method to Hack any Facebook account on the web is to use Z Shadow and you know what it is pretty much easy to use this site and set the things up ready. But as you are a beginner so you need some guidance to get started and believe me it is very simple but some things must be noted before you start. Make sure you can access the profile of your victim because we will send a Phishing link to your victim which will look like a Facebook URL but it will be a scam. The next thing you need to know is that you have some understanding with he victim it is because the most people out there will not agree to open your Link even if you are the best friend of them and this happens only on that time when they think you are tricking them. The starting is simple and easy and you also don’t need to buy anything all you need is to have a working internet connection and a computer which doesn’t stop while using. I guess you have got an idea about the requirements and other things so we should start now.

Below is the step by step process on how to use Z Shadow to Hack Facebook account.

  1. First of all, launch your favorite browser in my case it is Google chrome and then search for Z Shadow and open the very first result or simply Go to z-shadow.us.
  2. Now when you open the official site and are on the homepage there you will see a big Sign Up link which is located in the center of the page just click on that signup link. Since we are going to use their service so it’s important to sign up so that we can have an account.
    Click on Sign Up link

    Click on Sign Up link

  3. The next page which you will see will be a registration or say signup form. This form contains the basic terms like your name, email and other things of this kind, in short, the form is same as on other sites for sign up. So, simply fill all the fields with the information asked and click on the Signup button.
    Fill the sign up form

    Fill the sign up form

  4. Once you have provided the information asked in the registration form you will receive an email from Z Shadow which you provided while registration, open your email account and there see the email from Z Shadow and click on the confirmation link. NOTE: Sometimes you don’t need to verify your account.
  5. OK, it’s good that you are now registered once again head over their website and there login to your account which you had just created by entering your email and password in the left login box.
  6. Here is it. Now we are going to grab the Facebook Phishing page which is a special URL and is same as Facebook and the best thing is that it is not blocked on Facebook. To trick your victim you need to choose any of the fake Facebook Phishing pages by clicking on the English and the selecting the whole URL and then copying it by pressing CTRL + C keys together.
    Copy Facebook Phishing Page

    Copy Facebook Phishing Page

  7. The good time has been over and now you have to put some efforts. Log in to your Facebook account and send the URL which you have just copied in step No. 6 to your victim. You can send the URL in the chat box and it will not be blocked.
  8. You also have to make the victim to open the Link which you just sent. You can say him/her that it is a very good game and we should play it together or anything of this kind.
    Send Z Shadow link to your victim

    Send Z Shadow link to your victim

  9. Once your victim opens the Z Shadow URL which you just sent him/her, they will see a login page but that page is a fake page and is not owned or powered by Facebook, instead, that is a special page which is created by Z Shadow Hacker. If your victim enters his/her email and password then that will be saved in your Z Shadow Hacker account.

Seeing Password in Z Shadow

It’s the most curious part that your victim has just ended up be entering his email and password in your fake page and now you want to see their Password. Getting the password of your victim is very simple and easy.

You have to follow the simple steps given below to Get Started.

  1. Login to your Z Shadow account using your email and password which you had used while registering in case if you forget the password then you can use the Forget password link to reset your password without any problems
  2. Once you are logged in you have to click on the Victims link in the menu bar. The Victim button is located in the center and can be located very easily.
    Click on My Victim Link in menu

    Click on My Victim Link in menu

  3. The next page you will see an advertisement you have to refresh the page for one or two times to see the saved password and email.
    Your Victim's Email and Password

    Your Victim’s Email and Password

So, guys, it was that easy to see saved password of your victim in Z Shadow.

Video Tutorial on Z Shadow

Z Shadow APK

Z Shadow APK is just the Android version of the web version, it includes all that features which are available on the web service. The app works very well on all Android devices and you don’t need to worry about the Android version or anything of this kind. But the one thing which I have found is that you may find difficulty find the Z Shadow APK file because it’s a hacking app and you know Google Play store doesn’t allow this kind of apps.

If you want to download such apps then you have to get them from other websites and lucky we have the original and the working version of the Z Shadow APK which you can download by clicking on links.

App NameZ Shadow
Size4.0 MBs
Versionv 1.4
Android OS Requiredv 2.3 or later
Availability No on Play Store
Root RequiredNo

Protect Yourself From Z Shadow Attack

The main purpose of this guide was not to tell you how to hack the accounts of Facebook, instead, I was wanted to tell you that how can people use the sites like Z Shadow Hacker for creating fake pages and can use them for hacking the accounts of others.

Almost all of can be trapped by using Z Shadow but there must be some method by which we can protect ourselves from the attacks.

The only and best method which I know is to use 2nd Step verification. Suppose if someone gets your email and password by any method but when he/she will try to log in to your account by using your details then he/she will not get success because Facebook will send a verification code to your phone number which they have to provide to log in.

Final Words

So, guys, I hope you enjoyed the article and are now able to learn how hackers can hack your Facebook account using Z Shadow and how can you use it too. It is really very simple and easy to use.

But I will never recommend you to use any method to hack Facebook account because it’s an illegal activity and you may be jailed. Please don’t follow this guide for hacking purpose if you did anything than me or my blog will not help responsible for any actions that may be taken on you.

If you need any help or more information about anything then use can comment below.

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