Z Shadow – Hack Facebook and Gmail Easily 100% Working (2017)

Z Shadow is one of the best tool ever on the internet I have ever used and seen. If you want to hack someone’s Facebook or Gmail account then there is nothing better than this. The reason due to which this tool is best is that it is easy to use and is totally free. I have seen some people out there who want to hack the Facebook accounts of their friends for different reasons and don’t get success and are willing to pay much high money for this.

Z Shadow

Z Shadow

But using Z Shadow you can hack almost all the social sites which include the most famous and the biggest social sites like Facebook, G Mail (Google Plus), Twitter and Yahoo and much more etc. I know you have listened that it is important to know coding and other things for this kind if you want to Hack Facebook account or Gmail account but guys when we talk about tools we don’t need such things.

Using tools we can easily Hack the most famous sites like Facebook or Gmail and when it comes to Z Shadow Hacker it is super easy and comfortable to use. All you need to know is to learn how to sign up for it and how to get the fake links and send to your victims. You can view the saved passwords of your victims very easily without any problem. Also Download AC Market Apk for downloading the paid apps and games for free.

Guys, there are thousands of method on the internet which can be used to Hack Facebook and other social sites. But believe me, I have never used or tested any method that is easier than this method. Using Z Shadow Hacker method you get access to the phishing pages of a lot of sites and all you need to do is to copy the link of your favorite site mean the social site which your victim is using and then send the URL of that site to your victim. And you know what the best thing which I have found is that the URLs are not very different mean if you choose to Hack Facebook then you will get a URL of Facebook.com not from any other domain. This is the specialty of this awesome tool.

Z Shadow

Z Shadow is a specially designed site by very smart hackers for hacking Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter and all the other social sites likes this. You can use Z Shadow for free to hack the social accounts of your friends and relatives. The site is totally free and easy to use too. Mean you don’t need to do a lot of work all the things are done on the hacker’s end.

Supported Sites

It’s simple that everyone will be thinking that either the social site he wants to hack is supported by Z Shadow or not. So, here I am going to give you a list of all the sites which can be hacked using Z Shadow.

  • Facebook account
  • Google account
  • Gmail account
  • Yahoo account
  • YouTube account
  • Instagram account
  • Hotmail account
  • Twitter account
  • Ask account
  • Skype account
  • Paypal account(It’s Premium)
  • Line account
  • And a lot more


Now that you want to sign up and want to get started hacking accounts of your friends, So, let get in and register for it and start hacking Facebook and other accounts.

  1. First of all, Go to Z-shadow.co.
  2. Click on the Sign Up page in the middle of the page.
  3. Fill the signup form and click on Sign up button.
  4. After sign up login to your Z Shadow account.
  5. A page with a list of sites will be opened there copy the link of Facebook.
  6. Send that link to your friends through Facebook chat and make them open it.

That’s it you have registered and hacked your friend’s account.

To see the saved Password of your victim follow below steps.


Once your friend clicks on the link which you send him/her a new page will be opened and there will be a Facebook sign in page if they sign in to their account then you can see their email and password.

  1. First of all, Login to your Z Shadow account.
  2. In the menu click on Victims tab.
  3. In the center of the page click the Ads.
  4. The add will be opened click back button on the browser.
  5. You will see the saved password of your victim.

So, guys, this was very easy to see the Password of your victim.

Video Tutorial on Z Shadow



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